The following portions of the Tithe Map have been selected for comparison with the modern topography of Aldringham with Thorpe


Thorpe hamlet

Thorpe was probably named after a Viking settlement on the northern shore of the small estuary of the Hundred River. When the Tithe Map was made it had a densely organised set of enclosures which extended to north along the coast to Sizewell (see the following two sections of the map).
Thorpe north 1

Thorpe north 2

To the north west along a straight boundary, the lands of Thorpe extended almost as far as Stone House, which stands isolated on the north east edge of Aldringham in a small landscaped estate (see following two section of the map).
Thorpe north west: boundary with Aldringham

South west boundary of Aldringham/Thorpe


Aldringham's main area of settlement: Parrot & Punchbowl crossroads

Modern Elm Tree Farm and Aldringham House are situated centre top of the above map.
Aldringham church positioned on the right hand edge of this section

Church Farm and Bird's Farm

Boundary with Thorpe was probably the small tributary of the Hundred River running down the centre of this section of the map.