There is no entry for Spexhall in Domesday, which has led to speculation that in Saxon times it was part of the eastern lands of Wissett. Evidence for this is that three of Spexhall's four manors were held as of Wissett. The assumption is that Spexhall developed along the most easterly tributary of the Halesworth Blyth, and gained its independence through manorialisation and the chapel of its main manor subsequently became the parish church. This was a time when the watershed between Brampton and Wisset was being divided between these two communities, a division which also included negotiating rights of land ownership with Halesworth. The post-Conquest outcome was that the stretch of land which carries Stone Street from Halesworth to the Ilketshalls became common land shared between Halesworth, Westhall, Spexhall and Ilketshall St John. Most, if not all, of this large common lay to the east of Stone Street.

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