The following sketch map shows the main roads, greens, town lands and tithe free lands.


A manor of 3.5 carucates held by Thored
A manor of 3.5 carucates held by Ralph Baynard
A manor of 40 acreas held by a free man
A manor of 40 acres belonging to Ralph Baynard

The parish seems subsequently to have been consolidated as two manors.

Cratfield Manor

circa 1140 This manor seems to have been subdivided, part of which was granted to St Neot's Priory. There is however much confusion regarding the lines of descent but by 1433 part seems to have been in the possession of the Dukes of Norfolk. The large amount of tithe free land in the parish depicted in the above map is taken to represent the extent of the Priory's holdings at the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

circa 1609 Sir Edward Coke owns
circa 1777 Hugo Claxton died in ownership

Cratfield le Roos

circa 14 cent sir John le Roos owns
1594 Sir John Claxton died in ownership
1809 Alexander Adair owns