red dotted line....parish boundary; purple dashed lines....main roads; black and chapels; green patches....woodland; deep between 20-30 metres; light 3 to 10 metres

The village is situated at the head of the northern branch of the Easton River. The church is in the centre of the parish close to the the river, which although only a small stream now, may well have been tidal at the time of the first settlers. The church is at a cross roads where a north to south branch of the present A12 to Rushmere and Beccles crosses an east west route from Covehythe. The modern village developed at a meeting of the A12 with the Covehithe road where there was an additional connection with a road from Southwold and Covehithe.

There appears to have been another late settlement at West End. This was an area of the parish dominated by greens and waste shared with the adjacent communities of Frostenden and Sotterley which was first enclosed at the end of the 18th century. Its character is now defined by a cluster of six closely packed farms on claylands above the 20 metre contour.