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wre_churchyd.jpgThe old guildhall from the churchyard. This is where the original settlement of Wrentham began. The Village of Wrentham was in fact around the Church, but when the new turnpike road was constructed in 1786, which is today known as the A12, the Village moved. Today there is little evidence of the original Village, excepting the Church, the Rectory and the group of cottages opposite.

It is quite fascinating how the guildhall was discovered and apparently proven a few years ago. It had always been assumed that the cottages across the road were around 17th. century origin, but a little detective work quite recently showed them to be of the 15th. century. And in fact the original Guild Hall of Wrentham. What is known locally as "Guy Hall Lane", was proved to have been "Guild Hall Lane". As you enter the Church, you will see the Guild cupboard, where in earlier days the banners of the craftsman's Guilds were kept.


wre_hearts.jpgThe Tower was built in 1485. The design of the base panels are particularly fine and unusual examples of local carving. They depict a frieze of hearts surrounded by crowns of thorns, emblems of Christ.



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