Entrance to Theberton Wood

Theberton Wood is all that is left of a larger area of plantation forestry, about half which was clear felled when the Second World War airfield was constructed. The compartments consist of banks and ditches which represent old field boundaries dominated by hornbeam. These fields were planted up with a variety of deciduous and coniferous timber trees. The date of this development is not known, but the fields on the Tithe Map were recorded in the Apportionment as being plantations owned by the Doughty family.

Currently the remaining woodland is under management for the removal of conifers. This clearance has revealed some large poplars which have been retained. Past management has been patchy as indicated by thickets of densely packed birch. Removal of conifers about a year ago set in motion a process of succession which in 2008 was evident in the prolific germination of ash in the large clearings that have been created.