Proposals in 1958

Sections of a map showing proposed alteration of the boundaries of the Parishes of Knoddishall with Buxlow, Aldeburgh with Hazlewood,
Leiston with Sizewell, Friston and Aldringham with Thorpe.
Part of Aldeburgh transferred to Aldringham

Coldfair Green and Part of Hazelwood transferred to Knodishall

Part of Friston transferred to Knodishall

Part of Knodishall transferred to Friston

Changes in 1984

There was much resistance in Leiston to the proposed changes that would transfer the long standing hamlet of Coldfair Green to Knodishall. The issue was finally resolved in favour of Knodishall in 1984.

Evening Star 5.7.1984

KNODISHALL parish boundaries.

The long-running parish boundary battle between Leiston and nearby Knodishall is finally over - with victory going to Knodishall.

For the Environment Secretary has just approved the transfer of an outlying limb of the parish of Leiston, the Coldfair Green area, to Knodishall.

He has also approved the Local Government Commission's proposals for alterations to the boundaries of 51 other parishes in the Suffolk Coastal district.

The border clash over the Coldfair Green area, an arm of Leiston stretching into Knodishall, began several years ago when Suffolk Coastal Council carried out a parish review.

The district council wanted to retain the area within Leiston, but Knodishall Parish Council appealed to the Boundary Commissioon for it to be handed over to the village.

Leiston Town Council objected to the move, but, after representations had been heard by an assistant commissioner, the Boundary Commission made a proposal that the boundary should be changed, which the Secretary of State has now approved.

At their meeting on Tuesday night, Leiston town councillors criticised the decision, and decided to protest to the commission.

"This is a long-running battle which we have lost," said Mr. Frank Barker. "Coldfair Green has always been part of Leiston, and I am sorry to see it go."


However, Knodishall parish council chairman Dr. David Reynolds welcomed the decision. "It's been a long drawn-out struggle, and we're glad to have pulled it off."

The area was part of the regular village of Knodishall, he said, and even included one of the village shops.

The Secretary of State has also accepted the commission's view that the uninhabited parishes of Dallinghoo Wield and Havergate island should be abolished, the areas being transferred to the adjoining parishes of Dallinghoo and Orford respectively.

The approved boundary changes will all come into effect from April 1, 1985.

Earlier changes Friston and Hazelwood

Friston Whites Directory 1841
A pleasant village on the Aldburgh road has adjoining it several houses belonging to Knodishall.

Friston Kellys Directory 1937
By the East Suffolk Review Order 1934, part of the civil parish of Hazlewood was added to this parish.

Haslewood Whites Directory 1841
Churchless parish. There are still some traces of a church though it was in ruins several centuries ago, when the parish was united ecclesiastically with Aldburgh.

Hazlewood Kellys Directory 1937
Was formerly a separate civil parish but by the East Suffolk Review Order 1934, part was transferred to the parish of Friston and the remainder added to the borough of Aldburgh