Cratfield Common Land

North Green

77. 0. 10

Each right consisting of pasturage for one beast of any age

644 & 645
Swan Green or Goose Green
12. 1. 18

inc. Silverleys Green

Each right consisting of pasturage for one year old bud or colt

Bell Green

13. 0. 38

For horse or cow

North Green alias Norwood Green was enclosed in 1847. The following is a summary of how grazing rights to the land were allocated.

To whom was the land allocated (1 right = approximately 1 acre) ?

The Town Feoffes = 3 acres
10 people =71 acres
The labouring poor = 2 acres
For recreation of the villagers = 1 acre

In what respect was the land allocated?

To a house and land = 6 instances
To those with customary rights = 1 instance
To the lord of the manor Lord Huntingfield = 1 instance (4 acres)
To those who owned properties at the edge of the common = 10 instances.
All tenure was through copholdings of the manor

The land of John Girling is taken as an example of how the land was allocated.

He owned 3 homesteads on land on the southern edge of the green.
The one in which he lived had 4 rights to the green
Two of his other homesteads had 5 rights to the green
His fields had 4 rights to the green


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